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Thanks so much for your interest with becoming a member of the Doggy Play Park community.

Before signing up, please read our rules of play below. Once understood, you will be taken to the registration page.

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❤️ Doggy Play Park

rules of play!

As a member, you agree to DPP's rules of play. If these rules are beached, termination or suspension of memberships may apply. These include:

  • Accepting the risks involved and the incidents that can occur when running off lead.
  • That the equipment in the parks are for dogs and not children and must be supervised.
  • Understanding that members can be there to attend private sessions and under not circumstances are dogs to be approached in the carpark.
  • That dogs must be walked on leash to/from internal parks.
  • Being responsible for 50% of damage caused by your dog or to your dog.
  • That members can provide a written complaint to admin regarding anti-social behaviour.
  • That CCTV footage may be used to gather evidence.
  • Providing your name and phone number to the other owner if an injury occurs.
  • Accepting that DPP may share your contact details with the respective owner if an incident is to occur with evidence of the affected dogs.
  • To always be present to supervise their dog(s) and under your visual contact and voice control.
  • That no inhumane treatment of dogs is allowed.
  • To utilise the poo bags provided and pick up after their dog at all times.
  • To not leave dogs or children left unattended in vehicles, regardless of the temperature.
  • That all dogs using the park must be registered with Doggy Play Park (unless prior approval).
  • Female dogs in season or puppies under 4 months old are not allowed.
  • Owners with aggressive or anxious dogs must purchase a private membership. This also includes any dogs that portray any predatory behaviour, such as chasing.
  • If your dog is annoying another dog or to its owner (i.e., chasing), you must take immediate action.
  • Understanding that toys or tennis balls can create competition, jealousy and fights between dogs. If you see this reaction, you must refrain from this activity and let the dogs play amongst themselves.

Click Here to view the Doggy Play Park Waiver.